On gratefulness

Remembering who we are

When we are trying to change, we focus on what we want to become and we forget about who we really are.  I feel it is more important to reflect of we are and understand ourselves first before we seek for new adventure.

How to reflect of who we are

I learned from my most recent experience that the first thing when reflecting of who we are is to find our gift.  We can use the gift that we have to find our niche in this crowded world.  Without a niche and unclear about our greatest gift, we will be the same as others an unmemorable.

How to find your gift (2A2T)

1-Ask your closest friends.  We are an average sum of the 5 people we spend time or talk to.

2-Ask the people you worked with, including co-workers, current and previous managers

3-Think of things that you enjoy talking and doing that make you lost in time.  These things can be from your childhood or present moments.  You usually spend a lot of time in researching about these things.  When you are doing these things, you usually feel like in a flow in which you forget about your environment and time.  Make a list of these two things and start questioning why you enjoy them.

4-Take strength finding test.  I had taken Gallup Strength Finder Test and it helped me to identify my gift.

Remembering what we have

Similar to remembering what we are, it is also imperative to remember what we have in life.  We tend to count on things that we don’t have than things that are already present in our life.  According to Greek philosopher Epicurus, “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”  Therefore, counting our blessings is as important as imagining your dream life.

How to reflect on what we have.

1-Think of your family and loved ones.

2-Count all the things you have including job, house, car, etc.

3-Think of the things that you do not earn but still given to you.

4-Call or write a card to people in your life that you feel grateful the most.

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